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About Alphaflyers


My name is Romont Johnson and my company Alphaflyers has been around since 2007.  Back then I was a graphic designer and I designed anything and everything my customers needed.  From websites to print products like business cards, brochures, booklets, flyers - you name it, I made it.  At that time, there were dozens of online printers that I would use to print my customer’s products but the prices were consistently high.  My customers didn’t have budgets large enough to cover all the print materials they needed, so I began looking for a solution.  Due to the high volume of orders I was giving these printing companies lower prices were negotiated.  Eventually my efforts were successful and prices were negotiated far below market average. 

Soon thereafter, focusing on only a few of the printing companies with top-of-the-line production facilities, offering the highest quality products, and having the most unique product offerings - Alphaflyers was born.  Alphaflyers now brokers printing services for some of the absolute best printers throughout the United States.  Our operation spans North America, with printing facilities in Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, New Jersey, Texas, California, Arizona, and Ontario, Canada - allowing a majority of our customers to receive their product within three days after printing is complete.  And with the rock-bottom prices negotiated with our network, Alphaflyers is able to pass all of the cost savings to our customers.

Rest assured that when you choose Alphaflyers for your printing services, you’re choosing Reliability, the Highest Standards, the Highest Quality Product and Fast Service!